Mendoza Camel

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The Mendoza is an exceptional hat that offers a combination of unique features that make it a versatile choice for anyone. Here are some of the reasons why the Mendoza stands out:

1. Waterproof : The waterproof feature of the Mendoza makes it perfect for use on rainy days or in humid conditions. You won't have to worry about your hat getting damaged or wet.

2. Felt Material : The use of felt gives the hat an elegant appearance and high-quality feel. Felt is a durable material that also contributes to its water resistance.

3. Foldable : The ability to roll up the hat makes it a great option for travel. You can easily store it in your luggage without worrying about it getting deformed.

4. Handmade in Seville: The artisanal touch of manufacturing in Seville adds a special value to the hat. This means that meticulous attention has been paid to details and that each hat is unique.

5. Half Brim Hat: The half brim design provides extra protection from the sun and adds a stylish touch to your style.

6. Snap and Decorative Closure: The snap closure not only makes it easy to store the hat, but also serves as a decorative band when wearing it. This adds an extra element of style.

In short, the Mendoza is much more than a waterproof hat; It is a handcrafted masterpiece that combines style, functionality and versatility. Whether you use it to protect yourself from the rain, as a fashion accessory or as a travel companion, the Mendoza is an exceptional choice.


  • S: equivalent to 53/54 cm
  • M: equivalent to 55/56 cm
  • L: equals 57/58 cm
  • XL: equivalent to 59/60 cm