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The technique

As its name suggests, veg-tanning is an ancient organic method based on natural plant tannins from bark or other plant tissues. Tannins from trees such as oak, chestnut or mimosa are popular.

Due to its natural characteristics, leather ages beautifully over time and begins to show on its surface the story of its life and that of its wearer.

A soft luster usually appears in frequently handled areas, and some parts of the surface may darken as natural oils are absorbed.

Our workshop

It is an incredible memory of a time when traveling was a life experience and not the quickest way to travel. Located in the heart of this city is our Atelier, known around the world for its amazing craftsmanship. Founded in 1976, the Atelier is dedicated to offering its services to the luxury leather goods industry. Their products are of the highest quality, manufactured preserving the artisanal tradition of Spanish leather goods working with the best materials, with passion and patience. Each master craftsman of this Atelier combines his years of experience transmitted from generation to generation with extensive knowledge and innovative approaches to create truly desirable leather accessories. get from A to B.

The album inspired us to create in 2009 a collection of bags and travel accessories handmade in Spain, which would recover the spirit of adventurous travel.