Care guide for products

Be sure to maintain the qualities of your La Portegna item by avoiding direct exposure to sources of light and heat. Store your La Portegna in its fabric cover and avoid overloading it to preserve its original shape. To maintain its durability, it is important to avoid excessive contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetics.

In the case of leather bags, suede bags and exotic leather products, please note that variations in tone, marks or grains are natural characteristics and should not be considered imperfections. La Portegna sometimes uses various techniques of engraving or printing on the leather to create unique products, which may result in differences in colour or definition inherent in the technical processes.

As part of the transformation process, there may be a slight colour transfer on all our leathers when rubbed, especially in humid environments. This is particularly important if you wear light coloured garments, especially with suede or suede-like leather.

In relation to our fabric and canvas products, imperfections are part of their nature and should be appreciated. The colours and dyes of some of these products may also cause a slight colour transfer, so it is recommended to avoid wearing light coloured garments with brightly coloured items.

For more information, we invite you to visit one of our shops, where our staff will be happy to assist you and inform you about La Portegna's after-sales service. We also offer care and cleaning services for all bags and small leather goods.

At La Portegna, we are committed to respecting international standards of nature protection and conservation in all our creations.