Caoba Glasses Case

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Caoba leather glasses case.

Our glasses cases are handmade in Ubrique (Spain) - a town of artisans renowned for their quality since the 19th century.


  • Made in Ubrique, Spain, from vegetable tanned leather.
  • Automatic button closure.
  • Made in Spain by hand using a vegetable tanning process.
  • Material: leather.
  • Dimensions: Width 17 cm x Height 7 cm x Depth 2.5 cm

Leather glasses case with brass snap button closure. Protect your sunglasses with a stylish and functional leather case that stands the test of time. Its size is appropriate for the most common glasses models.

Vegetable Tanning:
Our vegetable tanned leather does not use chromium in its process. Instead, it uses natural dyes extracted from flowers and tree bark. Additionally, it is treated with olive oil to nourish it and give it a natural look that develops a unique "patina" over time. This process is environmentally friendly and improves with use and the passage of time.
- Any marks or traces developed on the leather are normal and contribute to its unique charm. Light colors will also darken.