Dopp Kit Aqua

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Greenish blue canvas travel bag.

  • Complement to the Mick travel bag.
  • Zip closure.
  • Internal compartment with zipper.
  • Material: canvas and leather.
  • Available to customize.
  • Size: Width 25 cm x Height 18 cm x Depth 10 cm.

Soft travel bag made of greenish blue canvas. Contains a leather strap on the side and inside pocket with zipper closure. The perfect complement to your Mick travel bag.

Our travel bag is handmade in Ubrique (Spain) - a town of craftsmen recognized for its quality since the 19th century.

Instead of using the chrome dyeing process, Portegna leather is dyed using a unique blend of natural dyes and colors sourced from flowers and tree bark. The leather is treated with olive oil to nourish it, soften it and make it more robust.

Our process has two benefits over chrome dyeing, it results in a natural looking leather that develops a unique "patina" over time. It improves with its use and the passage of time and is undoubtedly more sensitive to the environment.

*In case of accidental soiling of this product, dry cleaning is recommended. It is important not to rub with soap and water as this material has been dyed naturally.