“In my grandfather's house there was a large lion rug that I always looked at. It was a gift from Ernest Hemingway. When I asked my grandmother where she met him, she showed me a photo album from a boat trip between Plymouth and Bombay in 1933, with a signed photo of Hemingway kneeling next to his quarry on an African plain. It's an incredible memory of a time when traveling was a life experience rather than the quickest way to get from A to B. The album inspired us to create a collection of travel bags and accessories that recaptured the spirit of travel. adventurers.”

José Urrutia, Founder

Natural Materials

Leather, cotton, brass, wax. Good materials are the basis on which La Portegna was built. Our style evolves, but the commitment to quality and authenticity never changes.

Handmade by our artisans

There is craftsmanship and authenticity in every stitch. The unmistakable human touch is the hallmark of our work. Our design and manufacturing distinguishes each product.

The Spanish spirit

The lifestyle, the sun, the traditions, the values... The spirit of Spain shines in everything we do. We are passionately inspired by our Iberian roots and carry the Made in Spain seal with pride.

Simple, practical and elegant

These are the qualities that make up La Portegna and unite every product we produce. It is a magical combination, an alchemy that creates something unique to us and much more rewarding than the sums of its parts.

Personalized for you

Since ancient times, discerning travelers have personalized their most prized belongings, so you can do the same with La Portegna's travel collection.

The highest quality guaranteed

We are so confident in the products we produce that we give them a guarantee as long as the leather we make them.

The workmanship and harder materials such as zippers, seams and rivets are guaranteed for 10 years on leather products, 5 years on canvas and 2 years on accessories.

Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of leather or straps. We use the best quality materials in the world, so they can withstand all daily use.

See each product for more details.